Chapman Falls Trail

Yesterday (Jan 9, 2022) was one of those rare and spectacular Vancouver days of January Sunshine. Janine and I took advantage of it and flew to Sechelt to go on one of our favourite hikes.… Read More »Chapman Falls Trail

Niwot, CO

Niwot is a charming little historic town not far from Boulder Colorado. We visited on a whim and were delighted to discover an art-park and lots of preserved history. Just off the main drag, Niwot… Read More »Niwot, CO

Peak to Peak

Over a weekend in June, Janine and I rented a couple of big motorcycles and explored the canyons and mountains around Boulder Colorado – including the famous Peak-to-Peak Highway that joins two 10,000 foot towns.… Read More »Peak to Peak

108-Mile House

108-Mile House is a community in BCs Cariboo district. It’s one of a number of small towns along the Cariboo highway with rather uncreative names: 70-Mile House, 93-Mile House, 100-Mile House, 105-Mile House, and 108-Mile… Read More »108-Mile House

Vernon Gift Run

VIDEO A quick flight from Kamloops to Vernon to pick up a gift from grandpa to grandson. Duration: 02:43 The original post was dated May 4, 2021. The original (high res) Video can be seen… Read More »Vernon Gift Run

Canyon Flight

VIDEO Aerial Clips – Kamloops to Vancouver via the Thompson and Fraser Canyons. The original post was dated July 25, 2020. The original (high res) Video can be seen here: Canyon Flight

Lillooet Splash

It was forecast to be beautiful in Vancouver – sunny with a high of 25 Deg C (77 F). But we had heard that Lillooet would get up to 35 Deg C (95 F) – and… Read More »Lillooet Splash

Sea to Sky Flight

We flew along the Whistler Valley, past Mount Garibaldi, and into the Pemberton Valley in British Columbia. Our goal was to take a quick dip in the frigid waters of the spectacular Green River, but… Read More »Sea to Sky Flight

Echo Valley

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is located deep in the mountains of BC. It’s about an hour’s drive from Clinton BC – with half that along a dirt road. But getting there by light-plane is… Read More »Echo Valley

The Boiling Earth

Sometimes it feels like the far side of Jupiter’s Moon. Here is an under-statement: Iceland is a Geothermally Active place. You can’t travel very far without coming across a spot where the earth is boiling,… Read More »The Boiling Earth

The Original Geysir

In Iceland, everything has a name – including the boiling puddles of hot water in the ground from which, once in a while, a spout of hot water bursts forth. The one called Geysir (seen… Read More »The Original Geysir