Christmas Motorcycles

Scary-Windy Switchbacks, a Real Old-West Town, a Giant Rock Skull, Dangerous Jumping Cacti, and Dragons in the Desert. Over the Christmas break we rented Harleys for a 4-day ride around Southern California. December 23 to… Read More »Christmas Motorcycles

Gatorland Florida

A few pictures and a short video of the sights at Gatorland in Florida – near Orlando. Capturing an Alligator is a 3-step process … Check out the video below … a few fun clips… Read More »Gatorland Florida

Take a Flying Hike

Afternoon flight to our favourite rain forest trail on the Sunshine Coast (another look at the Chapman Falls Trail)

Chapman Falls Trail

Yesterday (Jan 9, 2022) was one of those rare and spectacular Vancouver days of January Sunshine. Janine and I took advantage of it and flew to Sechelt to go on one of our favourite hikes.… Read More »Chapman Falls Trail

Niwot, CO

Niwot is a charming little historic town not far from Boulder Colorado. We visited on a whim and were delighted to discover an art-park and lots of preserved history. Just off the main drag, Niwot… Read More »Niwot, CO

Peak to Peak

Over a weekend in June, Janine and I rented a couple of big motorcycles and explored the canyons and mountains around Boulder Colorado – including the famous Peak-to-Peak Highway that joins two 10,000 foot towns.… Read More »Peak to Peak

108-Mile House

108-Mile House is a community in BCs Cariboo district. It’s one of a number of small towns along the Cariboo highway with rather uncreative names: 70-Mile House, 93-Mile House, 100-Mile House, 105-Mile House, and 108-Mile… Read More »108-Mile House

Vernon Gift Run

VIDEO A quick flight from Kamloops to Vernon to pick up a gift from grandpa to grandson. Duration: 02:43 The original post was dated May 4, 2021. The original (high res) Video can be seen… Read More »Vernon Gift Run

Canyon Flight

VIDEO Aerial Clips – Kamloops to Vancouver via the Thompson and Fraser Canyons. The original post was dated July 25, 2020. The original (high res) Video can be seen here: Canyon Flight

Lillooet Splash

It was forecast to be beautiful in Vancouver – sunny with a high of 25 Deg C (77 F). But we had heard that Lillooet would get up to 35 Deg C (95 F) – and… Read More »Lillooet Splash

Sea to Sky Flight

We flew along the Whistler Valley, past Mount Garibaldi, and into the Pemberton Valley in British Columbia. Our goal was to take a quick dip in the frigid waters of the spectacular Green River, but… Read More »Sea to Sky Flight

Echo Valley

Echo Valley Ranch & Spa is located deep in the mountains of BC. It’s about an hour’s drive from Clinton BC – with half that along a dirt road. But getting there by light-plane is… Read More »Echo Valley