Gatorland Florida

A few pictures and a short video of the sights at Gatorland in Florida – near Orlando.

One enters Gatorland through the maw of a gigantic alligator head.

Capturing an Alligator is a 3-step process …

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
These storks ride the alligators in the feeding pond and do their best to “steal” the food pellets as they hit the water.
Just when you think you’ve seen lots of alligators, you turn around and find there are 100 more behind you!
The alligator gods occasionally require a small-child sacrifice.
There are baby alligators being trained and fed. They can leap a surprising distance out of the water.

Check out the video below … a few fun clips from around Gatorland.

Video-Clips Around Gatorland

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