Niwot, CO

Niwot is a charming little historic town not far from Boulder Colorado. We visited on a whim and were delighted to discover an art-park and lots of preserved history.

The town is named after Arapaho Chief Niwot, depicted here in in the “art park”

Just off the main drag, Niwot has a small part which is also an art installation and gallery (many items are for sale).

Janine checking out a Chihuly-style piece of glass art
A bronze of a woman stepping out of a frame
There are a few of these beautiful wood carvings in the art-park

The man drag, about a block away from the art-park, is entirely preserved in it’s historic splendour. Lots of pretty places, restaurants, and businesses which have taken over the historic buildings.

The original fire-hall is now a very small museum
There actually use to be a piano manufacturer in this little town. This is all that is left of them.
The local playground hosts weekly Rock & Rail outdoor concerts

In the playground we came across a squirrel on an “Impossible Mission”. Janine helped out the little guy – which made for a very cute short video:


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