Sea to Sky Flight

We flew along the Whistler Valley, past Mount Garibaldi, and into the Pemberton Valley in British Columbia. Our goal was to take a quick dip in the frigid waters of the spectacular Green River, but this flight is as much about the journey as it is the destination.

It’s a 1-hour scenic flight from Pitt Meadows to Pemberton.
Along the way we passed by the Mount Garibaldi glacier – at an elevation of 8786 feet (2678 meters).
It’s a sight few get to see from this vantage.
Green Lake, near Whistler, really is this colour.
A few sights from the flight to Pemberton.
The Mountain Village of Whistler – no snow in the summer, but still a busy tourist destination.
The Whistler pass opens up quite suddenly into the scenic Pemberton Valley. It takes my breath away every time.
The Pemberton Airport, seen from the East.
The golf course wasn’t able to lend us a cart, so we walked the 30 minutes down to Green River.
The deep glacier-fed water is very cold. We could only stand in it for about 20 seconds before it started to hurt.
The Pemberton Airport is one of the prettiest in British Columbia. That white plane is the trusty steed that brought us here.
Downtown Vancouver and Stanley Park, lit by the late afternoon sun.

Original post was dated September 2, 2019. See the original pictures here: Flight to Pemberton

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