Tall-Ship Rescue – Barbados

Faren did her Grade 11 high-school year on a Tall Ship sailing around the world. The January semester-break took the ship to Barbados so we flew down to see her. Her ship is the 3-masted tall-ship in the centre of this frame below. Here it’s at anchor, waiting for one of the cruise ships to leave the port to make room at the dock.

Faren’s ship at anchor waiting for a cruise ship to leave and make room at the dock.

We had a day to kill while waiting. So we started out with a swim in Carlisle Bay. Check out the colour of that ocean!

Janine swimming in Carlisle Bay, Barbados
Carlisle Bay is teaming with sea life. Stick your camera in the water pretty well anywhere in the bay and you see this.

After the swim we went to visit Hunte’s Garden. A beautiful private garden created over a life-time by an eccentric old guy. I tried my hand at a little floral photography.

Hunte’s Garden
Hunte’s Garden
This alien looking thing is the flower of a Banana Tree.
Creepy looking things!

We ended the day with dinner at the beach while watching a beautiful sunset.

The next day, we picked up Faren, and went for a swim in the ocean across the street from our hotel next to Rockley Beach. Faren and Janine really enjoyed the warm beautiful water.

In the afternoon we drove to the center of the Island to visit Harrison Cave. The picture looks a little surrealistic.

No, that isn’t photo-shop . We really are there and that really is an underground pond inside a cave.

The next day was a drive towards the South East – to Crane Beach …

… for a little frolicking in the crashing waves

And gorgeous walks along the beach. Here are Faren and her beautiful mother …

Faren and Janine walking along Crane Beach

After Crane Beach, we kept going to the most Easterly point on Barbados:

The lighthouse at East Point, Barbados

Janine discovered a tree that looks like a gigantic Asparagus. A veggie-lover’s dream.

And we ended the day a little north of that at “Bath Beach”. A secluded beach and park I wish we had discovered earlier.

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