The Boiling Earth

Sometimes it feels like the far side of Jupiter’s Moon.

Here is an under-statement: Iceland is a Geothermally Active place.

You can’t travel very far without coming across a spot where the earth is boiling, or hot water is shooting out of the ground or the mud is bubbling as if the creature from a horror movie is about to climb out.

Not far from Keflavik airport, Janine guided us to Seltun. It’s a few acres where stinky sulphurous gasses are boiling and hissing out of the ground everywhere you look.

It isn’t pleasant to breath the sulphurous bubbling gasses at Seltun

Further East, are the Hverir Bubbling Mud Fields.

Boiling bubbling stinky black mud at Hverir
Listen to the sound of the Hverir Boiling Mud (video)

Nearby, with the sulfurous water coming out of the ground at 100 deg C, we found the Myvatn Nature Baths. The take the water that comes out of the ground, let it sit in a holding tank for a long time to cool down, then slowly let it into the pool. And still, in places, the water is so hot that I had to run away in search of a “cool spot”.

Myvatn Nature Baths

I would be amiss not to mention the grand-daddy of geothermal activity:
The Original Grand Geyser.

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