The First Finish Line

Flying Across Canada – Day 7 – Prairie du Chien, Wisonsin to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Photos and a Video

We made it! Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – and on the original schedule too! This was an eventfull day: turbulence for a time, a wonderful picnic lunch in Lima, Ohio, a gps failure that created some in-flight excitement, and the big arrival in Pittsburgh. What an adventure!
Here is a fun fact: Janine and I have flown a Cessna in Lima, Peru. Now we’ve also flown one in Lima, Ohio. 🙂

That coutesy car in Prairie du Chien allowed us to really experience that charming little town.
We saw a lot of crop formations along the way in weird patterns like this.
The fuel-truck guy in Kankakee was very odd. Don’t know if he just didn’t like us of it he was just like that.
They have a cute little fuel truck in Lima, Ohio – operated by another slightly odd airport person.
The picnic table in front of the Lima terminal made for an ideal lunch-stop place.
Took this picture to later figure it out. Turns out to be a Furniture Factory in Killbuck, Ohio.
For some reason, these smoke stacks have always been what I remember of Pittsburgh. For me, this was the sign that we had arrived.
Pittsburgh/Allegheny airport has a very cute terminal and control tower.
Day 7 takes us from Prairie du Chien through Kankakee Illinois to Lima Ohio to Marion Ohio and finally to Allegheny County Airport in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. We’ve made it to the first finish line. We’re in Pittsburgh for about a week and then resume the journey to Prince Edward Island on the East coast of Canada.

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