The Original Geysir

In Iceland, everything has a name – including the boiling puddles of hot water in the ground from which, once in a while, a spout of hot water bursts forth. The one called Geysir (seen below) is the one after which we have named all such phenomenon.

The Original Geysir goes off on average once every 2 minutes

In Icelandic it’s pronounced geezer (like what we call old guys). Its located about 80 km east of Reykjavik, part of the way being a dirt and gravel road. There you’ll also find a “hot pot” (hot baths to soak in) and lots of tourists buses.

About a second before it goes off, you will often see a huge dome of air and water form over the opening.

There are about a dozen Geysirs in the same area and each one of them, by itself, would be a destination worth visiting.

“Hot Pots”

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